New artists and submissions are always welcome, so send them in. If you're internet and computer savvy, I prefer to see a sampling of images via email, jpegs at a resolution of 72 dots per inch. Once I select the images for publication, I'll ask you to resend them at a higher resolution. Start with 5-10 images and we'll go from there.

Photography / Illustration
People ask me what kind of stuff I'm looking for, I say just look at past issues and try to match the tone. If that's not helpful, I guess I prefer stuff that's kinda simple and is widely appealing. For instance, if it's a photograph of a skateboarder, it needs to be strong enough to appeal to someone who isn't into skateboarding.

Keep in mind that the magazine is printed in black and white (grayscale). Your original images can be in color, but I'm going to convert them for the magazine so they need to look good in black and white.

Send writing submissions either as an attachment (Word document preferred) or in the body of an email. Definitely send in electronic form so I don't have to retype it!

As for content, I publish only short ficition, non-fiction, and personal essay prose. No poetry. I also stay away from journalistic pieces, and dated material. For instance, I wouldn't want to publish an article about an upcoming election. The piece needs to be able to stand the test of time. If someone finds this zine five years from now, will they still enjoy reading your piece?

Above all ...
Definitely send your stuff rather than not send it. What's the worst that could happen? Let me know if you want a critique, or a simple yes or no. If you want my honest feedback, I'm ready to give it. But I won't offer it unless you ask. Send submissions to the email below: